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Two cast iron manhole covers are on the city road, a manhole cover and two tree gratings are embedded in the picture.
Cast Iron Manhole Cover
Cast iron manhole cover has high tensile strength, seal ability, can be resistant to corrosion, abrasion, is usually used as drain covers, tank covers.
Cast iron manhole cover and grating are on the ground, two manhole covers and a grating are embedded in the picture.
FRP Manhole Cover
FRP manhole cover can be anti-slip, anti-UV, anti-theft, fire retardant, is usually used in green belt, sidewalk and highway.

Manhole Cover and Grating with High Tensile Strength

Xindon Municipal Facility Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and seller of manhole cover and grating. We have broad export market which is North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Eastern Asia, etc. There are several kinds of manhole covers and gratings which are FRP manhole cover, cast iron manhole cover, ductile iron manhole cover, cast iron grating, ductile iron grating and manhole step. Manhole cover and grating shapes could be square, rectangle or round. In one frame, there could be one manhole cover or two manhole covers. Our products are highly cost-effective and can be sent out quickly. We have various dimensions' manhole covers and gratings with different bearing loads which are A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900, etc. All manhole covers and gratings meet the standard of EN-124.

There are two FRP manhole covers in black and yellow, a square ductile iron manhole cover and a round cast iron manhole cover.
Manhole cover

Manhole cover includes FRP manhole cover, cast iron manhole cover, and ductile iron manhole cover. The shape of manhole covers could be square, rectangle, round, etc. Patterns on the manhole cover could be round, square, star, cross, diamond or as your requirement. All manhole covers have long lifespan and the capacity to withstand heavy loads, also can anti-slip, anti-UV, anti-theft, fire retardant. They also can be resistant to corrosion, wear, tear, rust, abrasion, weather, bacteria, and rot. They are usually used in green belt, sidewalk, highway, rode, pedestrian street, farm, garden, flooring, etc.

There are two rectangle drain gratings with one row drainage holes, a round barbecue grating and a square tree grate.

Gratings we offer are cast iron grating or ductile grating. The shape of manhole covers could be square, rectangle, round, etc. Drainage hole could be one, two, three, four rows. There are usually many round projections on the grating surface. Gratings have good ductility, good durability, good loading pressure, high quality bituminous coating. They also free from sand holes, blow holes, shrinkage defects, swells, cracks, fins, burrs, slag or other defects. Grates are usually used for barbecue, tree grates or drain. Drain grating is used in pedestrian areas, pavements, driveways, wayside, parking areas, garages, car service station.

There are three polypropylene copolymer plastic coating manhole steps and a footrest with bitumen coat.

Manhole step is designed to move in and out of sewers safe and smooth for cleaning staff. It can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, corrugated steel, ductile iron, cast iron, and aluminum. Coating could be polypropylene copolymer plastic, galvanized, black bitumen, or epoxy coating. Coating color can be orange, green, yellow, blue, etc. It has high elongation capability, good loading pressure, high rigidity and high durability. In addition, it can resistant to corrosion, attack, extreme environment, impact, slip, concentrated sulfuric acid, spark, rust, wear and tear. It is usually used in sewer manholes, reservoirs, ships, basins, swimming pools, mines, drainage chambers, etc.

Hot Products

Cast iron grating has good ductility and durability, corrosion, rust, wear resistance, usually used in swimming pools, walking streets, dock, etc.

Ductile iron manhole cover has high elongation strength and tensile strength, can be resistant to corrosion, abrasion, is used in highways, driveways.

Cast iron manhole cover has high tensile and compressive strength, good seal ability used for waste water treatment plants, power generation plants.

FRP manhole cover can withstand heavy loads of traffic and constant exposure to weather or sun used in draw pit, dock, fiber optic cable duct.

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