FRP and Cast Iron Manhole Covers Are Listed on The Page

FRP manhole cover can withstand heavy loads of traffic and constant exposure to weather or sun used in draw pit, dock, fiber optic cable duct.

Cast iron manhole cover has high tensile and compressive strength, good seal ability used for waste water treatment plants, power generation plants.

Ductile iron manhole cover has high elongation strength and tensile strength, can be resistant to corrosion, abrasion, is used in highways, driveways.

Cast iron grating has good ductility and durability, corrosion, rust, wear resistance, usually used in swimming pools, walking streets, dock, etc.

Ductile iron grating, with good loading pressure, resistant to corrosion, attack, slip, is used in parking lot, public area, pavement, airport, dock.

Manhole step has skid projections and bright color, can be resistant to corrosion, rust, slip, are mainly used in sewer manholes, reservoirs, ships.